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Andreas Kloeckner
Dear Chris,

Chris Fourie <[hidden email]> writes:

> Thanks for the wiki on the PyCuda installation =)
> I have just installed it on Colab following a mix of the instructions.
> From these two pages...
> https://wiki.tiker.net/PyCuda/Installation/Linux
> https://wiki.tiker.net/PyCuda/Installation/Linux/Ubuntu
> Thought it might be useful to include an example on your wiki but didn't
> want to go about changing anything.
> If you are interested here is the link
> https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1_EdLm4jXblZ1epKRwD-gWyOjv8ETy5Br
Thanks for investigating how to use PyCUDA on Google's
Colab/Colaboratory. I've cc'd the mailing list, as someone on there may
also find this useful. In the meantime, please feel free to add some
text linking to your work to the Wiki---that's what it's for!


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