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Andreas Kloeckner

Binu Mathew <[hidden email]> writes:

> First up, as a long time user of PyOpenCL and lately PyCUDA, thank you very much for all the effort you have dedicated to these two extremely useful projects.
> Last year, I implemented support in PyCUDA for bind-less textures that make programming texture based kernels much easier.
> Things got busy and I did not get the chance to generate a patch till now.
> I have attached a patch for this new functionality that I generated against August 9, commit 66a8ad7c28c06045bfd8eb60c2a5d6710f596cbc
> I have also included a simple test script that should run without errors if the new functions are built correctly.
> I have implemented a decent amount of private code that uses these features.
> So I am reasonably confident that most things work, but the simple test script is all I am able to open source at present.
> The new code does not significantly change any of the core functions in PyCUDA, so it should not have any side effects on the existing code.
> I am not very familiar with the internals of the PyCUDA project or with boost. So I’d appreciate it if you could review and merge the contribution.
Thanks for your contribution! I've created a merge request with your
code, here:


I've reviewed and slightly modified your code, it passes CI, and it's
basically ready to go in. One thing it is missing before I can merge it
is documentation. Could you take a look? Emailing me a patch against
doc/source/driver.rst is fine.

I've also cc'd the list in case anyone else is interested in this.

Thanks again,

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