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[PyCUDA] Python 2 packages removal from Debian

Tomasz Rybak-2

I sent similar email to more mailing lists, all related to PyGPGPU
packages. Sorry if you receive this many times; I'll follow all replys.

Debian Python Team is working on removal of Python 2 from
unstable/testing which means that most probably next Debian stable
(Bullseye) will contain neither Python 2 nor packages for it.
Here is discussion:
and here are pages with statistics of this process

This change will not touch current Debian stable - only testing,
unstable, and next Debian stable (which will probably be released
around 2021 or so).

Before I remove Python 2 support for my packages, I'd like to gather
some feedback. So if you're using PyCUDA under Python 2 on Debian,
please respond. Do you plan to migrate? In which timeframe?
If now - why? What will happen if I remove PyCUDA packages?
Please respond by the end of September. I'll gather all responses and
shall summarize them (possibly even if they don't directly touch

Best regards.

Tomasz Rybak, Debian Developer <[hidden email]>
GPG: A565 CE64 F866 A258 4DDC F9C7 ECB7 3E37 E887 AA8C

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