[PyCUDA] [Grace Law] An invitation to talk about PyCUDA to 500+ devs at PyBay

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[PyCUDA] [Grace Law] An invitation to talk about PyCUDA to 500+ devs at PyBay

Andreas Kloeckner
Hi all,

see below for a message from PyBay. If you're near the bay area and
would like to chat about PyCUDA, this might be a good opportunity--and
please also reply to Grace and me directly in case you're planning on


Hi Andreas

Congrats on the success and momentum with PyCUDA!  I am Grace, the chair for PyBay, a community run Python Conference in San Francisco this August 16-19 with 500+ developers attending.  It's a bit like PyCon back in 2008 with 3 simultaneous talks but the majority of the attendees live in the Bay Area.

Some of the folks in the community are expressing interests in hearing more about your project.  While the CFP is long closed, we still have 20 lightning talk slots and Open Spaces/BOFs within the main conference days.  We know you live far and this is a short notice, but would you be so kind as to encourage some of your contributors and users who might live near the Bay Area to attend and share your project?  Perhaps there are folks at NVidia in California who might like to attend and talk about PyCUDA?

Here is a quick blurb on PyBay -

PyBay is a regional Python Conference in SF.  2018's program features an amazing line up of deeply technical talks on Python, data, infrastructure, and performance.  The 50+ Speakers and Workshop Leaders include:
  • 10 core Python devs such as Raymond Hettinger, Travis Oliphant, Yury Selivanov, Carol Willing, Brandon Rhodes, Simon Wilison; 
  • CTOs from up and coming startups; and
  • Senior devs from Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Microsoft, Amazon...
There is still a chance to present your ideas via lightning talks and BOFs at this 500+ developer get-together on August 16-19,   See pybay.com for more details!

I look forward to hearing back and possibly getting something more official in for next year!


Grace Law

PyBay Conference Chair and SF Python Organizer

415-323-0388 / [hidden email]

SF Python is a volunteer-run organization aiming to foster the Python Community in the Bay Area. We produce ~20 educational events a year including PyBay, the Regional Python Conference in SF this August. Learn more

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